Get off the beaten path 


Chai Lai Sisters is a premium trekking company in the stunning mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We offer private tours that will take you to explore pristine nature, secluded waterfalls deep in the jungle, to remote non touristic Karen hill tribe villages.


Live with elephants in the jungle

Live with elephants in the jungle

Treks and Tours

Come to Chai Lai Sisters to escape the crowds and tourist traps. Sleep in a solar powered hut overlooking a private waterfall surrounded by rescued elephants. Get off the beaten path and learn how to live in harmony with nature. Relax and go on hikes to hidden waterfalls deep in the jungle. Pick up some jungle survival skills in a relaxed and fun environment from knowledgeable indigenous Karen hill tribe guides. 

Our Story

We are proud to be Thailand's first trekking company run by indigenous Karen women. We believe tourism can help preserve an ancient culture and empower women to help their communities prosper. Our unique sustainable practices give back to the community and the jungle.